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Everything the heart desires

Immerse yourself in the delights of traditional Viennese coffeehouse culture and let us spoil you with classic coffee specialities, tempting pastries and delicious dishes from Viennese cuisine.

Our breakfast offer

Start your day at Café Schwarzenberg with an incomparable breakfast experience! Our rich selection of delicious food and drinks will delight you and give you the perfect start to the day.

Monday – Friday: 7:30 am to 12 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8:30 am to 12 pm

Our coffee specialities

Our coffee consists of organic Arabica beans sourced from FAIRTRADE-certified plantations in Honduras. It is our conscious decision to use FAIRTRADE coffee of organic quality, so as to positively change the living conditions for coffee-farmersꞌ families and to contribute to the wellbeing of society and of the environment. Because the coffee plantations are at very high altitude, the plants grow slowly; as a result, the organic Arabica beans, providing the pleasure of fair-traded coffee that is enjoyed in the Café Schwarzenberg, acquire their particularly refined aroma. The red cherries are carefully plucked by hand and dried manually. In the sparing procedure used for roasting, a refined and powerful taste develops. Whether drunk black or with whipping cream added – what is guaranteed is a finely fragrant coffee with an aroma that has real substance.
Coffee from Vienna
    Espresso black or with cream
    € 4,20
    Double espresso black or with cream
    € 6,50
    "Wiener Melange"
    € 6,00
    small espresso with hot milk and milkfoam
    € 6,00
    small espresso streched with hot water
    Coffee "Upside down"
    € 6,50
    A lot of hot foamed milk with coffee served in a glass
    € 6,70
    Espresso with whipped cream served in glass
    € 6,50
    Like Viennese Melange but with whipped cream instead of milk foam
    € 6,70
    Double espresso with whipped cream
    "Überstürzter Neumann"
    € 6,70
    Double espresso poured over whipped cream
    Grandma’s "Häferlkaffee"
    € 6,70
    Coffee with a lot of hot foamed milk
    "Portion Kaffee"
    € 7,00
    served in a coffee-pot with hot milk separately
Kaffee Verkehrt
International Coffee
    Turkish Coffee
    € 7,00
    served with a piece of Turkish delight
    € 6,70
    Double espresso with semifluid milk foam
    Latte Macchiato
    € 7,00
    Espresso on hot milk topped with milk foam
    Chai Latte
    € 7,00
    Warm, steamed milk with natural black tea syrup and masala spices
    Espresso Chai Latte
    € 8,00
    Espresso with warm, steamed milk and natural black tea syrup with masala spices
Café Schwarzenberg: Auf dem Tisch steht eine Sacher Torte und ein Türkischer Kaffee, der gerade eingeschenkt wird.
Café Schwarzenberg: Auf dem Tisch steht eine Sachertorte und ein Kaffee Advokaat
Coffee with alcohol
    Coffee "Mazagran"
    € 9,00
    Ice-cold, sweet, black, double espresso with Maraschino served in traditional “Mazagranglas”
    Coffee "Maria Theresia"
    € 9,00
    Espresso with orange liqueur, whipped cream and sugar candy
    Coffee "Fiaker"
    € 9,00
    Espresso with cream and cherry-schnaps
    Coffee "Pharisee"
    € 9,00
    Espresso with rum, cane sugar and whipped cream
    "Mozart coffee"
    € 9,00
    Espresso with Cherry Brandy, whipped cream and pistachios brittle
    "Irish Coffee"
    € 9,00
    Espresso with Irish Whiskey and whipped cream

Our tea salon

If you are a tea fan, we would like to recommend our tea menu to you. Here you will find a wide selection of teas, from traditional black teas to invigorating green teas and fragrant fruit teas.

Our menu

Let yourself be tempted by the variety of our delicious dishes at Café Schwarzenberg! Whether you prefer traditional or more modern Viennese delicacies, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here.

Discover your personal favourite already now in our excerpt from the menu. For those who are curious about our entire offer, you can find the complete menu here.

Cold dishes
    Norwegian salmon
    € 20,50
    smoked with red wood, accompanied with a jam of red Tropea onions, capers, fresh cheese with horseradish and white bread
    (A, D, G, O)
    Beef tartare
    € 20,80
    with egg, avocado cream, Tabasco, toast and butter
    (A, C, G, M)
    Brown bread
    € 9,50
    topped with bone-in ham, Bergbaron cheese, salami, boiled egg and pickles
    (A, C, G, L, M, O)
Soups & salads
    Hungarian goulash soup
    € 10,00
    with bread roll
    (A, G)
    Viennese soup pot
    € 10,00
    with boiled beef, vegetables and noodles
    (A, C, L)
    Styrian chicken salad
    € 17,50
    Deep-fried chicken with home-made potato salad, leaf salad, runner beans, Styrian pumpkin seed oil and barrique cider vinegar
    (A, C, O)
    Grilled king prawns
    € 21,50
    on leaf lettuce and green asparagus, with avocado dressing and croutons
    (A, B, F, G)
Café Schwarzenberg Backhendelsalat mit Besteck
Small hot dishes
    Omelette of choice
    € 12,00
    with ham and/or cheese and/or vegetables
    (A, G)
    Sacher sausages
    € 12,70
    with mustard, fresh horseradish and bread roll
    (A, G, L, M)
    Schwarzenberg sausages (spicy)
    € 12,70
    with mustard, fresh horseradish and bread roll
    (A, G, L, M)
Sacherwürstel mit Kren und Senf
Delights without meat
    Roasted bread dumpling with egg
    € 15,50
    with green salad, marinated with our home-made dressing, and fried onions
    (A, C, G, O)
    € 15,00
    with creamy garlic yoghurt and vegetable chips
    (A, C, G, M, O)
Café Schwarzenberg Risotto mit Löffel
Main courses with meat
    Veal butter schnitzel
    € 21,00
    with gravy, creamy mashed potatoes and roast onions
    (A, C, G, H)
    € 24,70
    goulash with fried egg, sausage, pickles and salted potatoes
    (A, C, G, L, M)
    "Wiener Schnitzel" from Austrian Land veal
    € 24,90
    Of choice with parsley potatoes + € 5,30
    Of choice with home-made potato salad + € 6,20

    (A, C, G, O)
    € 20,90
    Delicious beef-burger (180 g), crispy Bacon, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion jam and rocket salad with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and chili aioli, served with French fries or Sweet potato fries
    (A, C, G, M, N, O)
Café Schwarzenberg Wiener Schnitzel mit Petersilien Kartoffeln und einer Zitronenscheibe
Viennese sweets & pastries
    Caramelized Kaiserschmarrn
    € 12,50
    with stewed plums
    (A, C, G)
    Warm apple strudel
    € 12,00
    with custard and cranberry foam
    (A, C, G, H)
    Crêpes Mozart Style
    € 12,50
    filled with fine marzipan cream and tender nougat, garnished with chocolate sauce and pistachios
    (A, C, G, H)
Café Schwarzenberg warmer Apfelstrudel mit Vanillesoße und Besteck

Have you already discovered something on our menu?

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