Coffee & newspaper
The luster is one of the stylistic elements of the Café Schwarzenberg.
View of the Café Schwarzenberg at night
Coffee typically with a glass of water
Atmosphere of the Café


Designation of company: GMS GOURMET GmbH
Postal address: A-1230 Vienna, Oberlaaer Strasse 298
Tel/Fax: Tel. +43 (0) 50/876-0, Fax: 876-5510
E-Mail: info(at)
Value-added tax identification number: ATU 58366128
Company registration number: 104525p
Court for company-registration-related matters: Vienna court with jurisdiction over the company headquarters at 1230 Vienna, Oberlaaer Strasse 298

Companys business:
Production of ready-made meals
Restaurants and inns
Coffee houses
Event caterers
Provision of other food-and-beverage-related services
Other serving of beverages

Member of the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO), Specialist Groups:
Specialist Group for Gastronomy
Specialist Group for Coffee Houses
Specialist Group for the Food Industry
Specialist Group for Food Retail
Specialist Group for the Food, Luxury Food and Alcohol Trades

Provisions of trade law: Industrial Code (Gewerbeordnung)

Supervisory authority: Municipal administration (Magistrat) with authority over 1230 Vienna
Legal notice:
Information provided in accordance with Section 5, Paragraph 1, Austriaꞌs E-Commerce Act (E-Commerce-Gesetz); disclosure of information in accordance with Austriaꞌs Media Act (Mediengesetz), Sections 24 and 25 respectively

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